Lawyer Joke (1)

2010/12/12 05:41
Sammy 老師
分類: 英文笑話

A lawyer opened the door of his BMW, when a car came along and ripped his

car door off.

( rip… off ...扯下來)

When the police arrived at the scene, the lawyer was complaining bitterly

about the damage to his precious BMW.

( scene 現場 bitterly 憤怒地 precious [ˋprɛʃəs] 心愛的; 珍貴的 )

“Officer, look what he’s done to my Beemer!” he whined.

( Beemer BMW 口語俗稱; whine [hwaɪn] / [waɪn] 發牢騷; 抱怨 )

“You lawyers are so materialistic, you make me sick!” said the officer.

(你們這些律師這麼愛錢, 真令人反感!)

“You’re so worried about your stupid BMW that you didn’t even notice

that your left arm has been ripped off too!”

( materialistic [mə͵tɪrɪəlˋɪstɪk] 崇尚物質的 )

“Oh my God!” said the lawyer, finally noticing the blood gushing out and

his left arm on the side of the road.

( gush [gʌʃ] 大量噴出; 湧出 )

Then he turned to the police officer and asked,

“Where is my Rolex???” (勞力士手錶)

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