Close, but no cigar. 是什麼意思?

2014/08/25 11:06
Sammy 老師
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“Close, but no cigar.” 這句話乍看之下會讓人摸不著頭腦



所以雖然 “close” 但卻還是得不到獎品 (雪茄是獎品的象徵)

這個說法比較有可能的來源是因為在 20 世紀中的時候



主持遊戲的人就會說 Close, but no cigar! 這樣略帶幽默的話




A: Did you hear? Alice is getting married!
B: What?! I didn’t even know she was seeing someone. Did she get pregnant or something?
A: Close, but no cigar. She just really wants to have children, and she happened to meet the right guy.

A: How did your investment turn out? Did you make a lot of money?
B: Close, but no cigar. Just my luck, I guess.
A: Sorry to hear that. Better luck next time!


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