decide 和 determine 有什麼不同?

2011/02/26 05:29
Sammy 老師
分類: 相似字比較

我相信 decide determine 這兩個字對於認識它們的人來說也是相當困擾的

因為中文裡幾乎都把它們譯為 決定


decide 決定”, 指的是做出選擇

句型是: decide on + 名詞, decide to V

比如: We haven’t decided on the wedding date.

He decided to move to Florida.

都是指經過考量之後, 做出一個決定, 選擇某一個

determine 所指的 決定”, 則是 下定決心的意思

暗示了不但要做這件事, 還會堅持下去

比如 決定減肥其實是 下定決心要減肥

它的句型也是 determine to V

另外也可以用 be determined to V 來表示 決心要...”

比如: She has determined to lose weight. (她已經打定主意要減肥)

She is determined to lose weight. (她決心要減肥)

determine 也有 判定控制的意思

像是: The police are not able to determine whether it is a murder.

The price of the new product will be determined by the market.

所以, 如果講 He decided to work harder.

意思是在他可以做的事當中 (包括不努力工作)


但是講 He determined to work harder.


除了要開始這麼做之外, 還強調了堅定的心意

現在就讓大家來練習看看, 下面的幾個句子該用 decide 還是 determine:

1. He ( decided / determined ) to buy a car instead of taking the bus every day.

2. Terry is trying to ( decide / determine ) where to have his birthday party.

3. Jack has ( decided / determined ) to save a million dollars before he reaches 30.

4. Penelope has ( decided / determined ) to marry Owen.

5. The CEO is ( decided / determined ) to increase profit by at least 20% next year.


1. decided 2. decide 3. 都可以, 意思不同

4. 都可以, 意思不同 5. determined (decided 不能和 be 動詞一起用)


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