get out of town 是什麼意思?

2019/07/16 10:30
Sammy 老師
分類: 英文字彙片語


get out of town 字面上是「離開這個城鎮」


其實它和 Get out of here! 一樣




A: George is going to be in a Spielberg movie!
B: Get out of town! How is that possible?
(A: 喬治將會在史匹柏的新片中軋一角!
B: 別鬧了!怎麼可能?)

A: Ray asked me to marry him last night.
B: Get out of town!
(A: 雷昨晚向我求婚。
B: 別鬧了!)

A: Did you hear that Mike left his job and started his own company?
B: Get out of town!
(A: 你有聽說麥克辭掉工作,成立自己的公司嗎?
B: 別鬧了!)


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