「in the feels」是什麼意思?

2020/11/13 09:47
Sammy 老師
分類: 英文字彙片語

這個片語有時是 right in the feels

大家可能會覺得奇怪,feel 還可以當名詞?


並非這裡的 feels (複數)

in the feels 是最近流行起來的片語


最常見的用法是 hurt someone (right) in the feels 或是 hit someone (right) in the feels

注意 right 在此是加強語氣的字,不是右邊哦


What he said hit me (right) in the feels.

You hurt me (right) in the feels.

The politician’s speech really hit Lisa (right) in the feels.


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