2020/10/15 11:50
Sammy 老師
分類: 英文字彙片語

我們知道 while 這個字一般是當作連接詞「當…的時候」

比如 While I was taking a shower, the phone rang. (當我在洗澡的時候,電話響了。)

可是你知道 while 也可以當動詞嗎?

while 當動詞用時,是用在片語 while away 「消磨(時間)」的意思


現在要指打發時間常用 kill time 這個片語

如果你想聽起來比較有學問就可以用 while away 這個片語哦


He likes playing computer games to while away his free time.

What do we do to while away this extra time?

We whiled away hours and hours playing this game.


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Do you stare at your blank homework page?

Are you confused why your paper is covered in red?

Do you have trouble learning new things because you didn't understand the previous lesson?

Have you lost your curiosity, so learning English is boring?

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