EZ Talk 五月號

2010/05/15 06:42
Sammy 老師
分類: 最新課程


這本雜誌可能對某些同學有點難, 大家可以先去書店翻一翻, 看適不適合自己

它的內容很豐富實用, 可以作為閱讀的補充


更重要的是——- 我是這本雜誌的中文講解老師

各位如果買附 MP3 光碟的版本, 就可以聽到我的解說內容哦


Do you leave your classroom with questions?

Do you stare at your blank homework page?

Are you confused why your paper is covered in red?

Do you have trouble learning new things because you didn't understand the previous lesson?

Have you lost your curiosity, so learning English is boring?

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