obviously, apparently, evidently 有什麼不同?

2011/03/07 13:17
Sammy 老師
分類: 相似字比較

apparently, obviously evidently 這三個字在中文裡也常都翻成 明顯地; 顯然

但它們適用於不同的情況, 也就是說意思還是有些不同

apparently 指的通常是說話者自己主觀的推斷, 從其他的事情做出的邏輯判斷

比如: Apparently, someone has to take responsibility for the fire.

He apparently thought that I had forgotten his name and came to introduce

himself again.

obviously 指的 顯然則是 任何人都可以看得出來的意思

或是帶有嘲諷的語氣, 暗示了 你怎麼會看不出來?”

像是: Look at the way he walks. He is obviously drunk.

Stop defending him. He is obviously a liar.

evidently 則是用來指有證據的事情 (它的名詞 evidence 就是證據)


例如: The seizures are evidently a symptom of disease.

The suspect evidently left the crime scene after the neighbor heard a scream.


He apparently didn’t read my e-mail. 從他所做的事或說的話, 我推測他沒看

He obviously didn’t read my e-mail. 從他所做的事或說的話, 任何人都可看出他沒看

He evidently didn’t read my e-mail. 從他所做的事或說的話, 有證據顯示他的確沒看

三個字裡當然最肯定的是 evidently

apparently obviously 有時差別不大

但是 obviously 多了一份稍微 自大的口氣

因為 apparently 是自己的判斷

obviously 則是認為 這麼明顯的事, 大家都應該看得出來


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