go stag 是什麼意思?

2011/11/24 07:11
Sammy 老師
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stag 這個字本來指的是 公鹿

所謂的 go stag, 意思是指一名男子單獨出席, 不帶女伴

比如: Ted is going stag to the party. His girlfriend is out of town. (去外地)

A: Who are you taking to your sister’s wedding?

B: No one. I think I’ll go stag.

所以 a stag party 就是指純男性的聚會

現在都是用來指 bachelor party, 也就是男性在結婚前和友人所辦的單身派對

又叫做 stag night stag do




這樣的周末就叫 stag weekend

: My brother’s planning a stag weekend with his buddies in Rio.


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