keep in shape 的誤譯

2010/04/25 08:18
Sammy 老師
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keep in shape keep fit 翻成 保持身材是個常見的誤譯

因為大家以為 shape 一般是 形狀的意思


甚至連很多的英文老師或電視, 電影的翻譯也都以為它是 保持身材

事實上, keep in shape, stay in shape keep fit

keep yourself / your body in good condition 的意思

指的是健康狀況良好, 不會看起來病懨懨, 氣色很差

真正要說 身材的話, 是用 figure 這個字

保持身材keep one’s figure

或注意身材: watch one’s figure

例如: Kathy is trying to stay away from sweets to keep her figure.

I seldom eat fast food because I have to watch my figure.


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