「Just saying.」是什麼意思?

2018/10/05 13:46
Sammy 老師
分類: 好用句

Just saying. 是一句日常生活中很常用的話

它本來是 I am just saying.



有時用在想要抱怨或批評時, 讓想說的話聽起來沒那麼刺耳

它會用在一句話的後面, 而且通常會配上把雙手手掌向外的動作



You might want to take a girl somewhere nice on your first date. Just saying.
(跟一個女孩子第一次約會, 你也許會想帶她去個還不錯的地方。我只是隨便說說。)

Isn’t that dress a little too tight? Just saying.
(那件洋裝是不是太緊了點? 我只是隨便說說。)

Don’t drink too much tonight. You know what happened last time. Just saying.


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