except 和 except for 有什麼不同?

2012/04/06 05:17
Sammy 老師
分類: 相似字比較

簡單來說, 如果句子裡有 all, every, no, everything, nothing, everyone, no one,

nowhere, whole 等字時, except except for 是通用的

: Everyone was there except (for) John.

但如果沒有上述那些字時, 就要用 except for 而不能用 except

: It was a good plan except for the people involved. (O)

It was a good plan except the people involved. (X)

另外, 在像 do 的特殊句型裡, 後面要接原形動詞時, 只能用 except 而不能用 except for

: She does nothing except complain all day.

(有關 do 的特殊句型請見 http://blogs.teachersammy.com/Blogs/entry/how-to-use-English-word-do-did-has-done )


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