lawyer up 是什麼意思?

2013/08/14 06:28
Sammy 老師
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曾幾何時 lawyer up 居然變成在美國電視節目和電影中常聽到的片語

大家都知道美國人很愛興訟 (就是很愛去法院告別人)

lawyer 本來是名詞 律師


lawyer up 的意思就是 找好律師”, 把律師請妥準備好的意思

在電影 社群網戰” (The Social Network, 講臉書創辦人故事那部),


“You’d better lawyer up, asshole. ‘Cause I’m not coming back for 30%.

I’m coming back for everything.”

(混蛋, 你最好把律師找好. 因為我不只要奪回百分之三十(的股權). 我要奪回一切.)

另外在長壽影集 Law and Order (法網遊龍) 裡也常聽到他們說某某嫌犯已經 “lawyer up”


造個句: The CEO has lawyered up for the embezzlement charges.


The family can’t afford to lawyer up. (這家人沒有錢請像樣的律師)

He’d better lawyer up because they are not going to let him get away with this.

(他最好把律師準備好, 因為他們是不會放過他的.)


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