Will a native English speaker understand me?

2014/08/14 11:17
Jonathan 老師
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很多在學英文的人會說他們的目標是”能用英文溝通”. 然而, 當他們在使用英文時犯了錯, 但是又不想努力使英文進步時, 也常常會用”能溝通就好”來當作藉口. 這些人認為: “只要老外懂我的意思就好, 所以即使不完全正確也沒關係.”

Many English students describe their learning goal as “I just want to be understood.” Unfortunately, they usually express this goal when they are frustrated by their errors, and are trying to justify not putting in more effort to improve. They think, “I just want to be understood, so it’s OK not to be perfect as long as a native English speaker will understand me.”

不論使用何種語言, 多數人用基本字彙, 聲音和肢體動作都能達到溝通目的. 當你別無選擇, 不得已的時候, 使用簡單但破碎的語言來溝通是可以達到目的. 英文裡甚至有一個字用來指這樣的狀況: pidgin (洋涇濱, 用破碎字句拚湊成的語言). 在尚未精通一種語言之前, 這是必經的過程, 但它不應該是學習語言的最終目標.

Most people can make themselves understood in any language with some basic words, hand gestures, and grunts. A simplified, broken form of a language is useful when you have no other choice. English even has a word for such a language form, “pidgin”, and it is a necessary step in learning a language fluently. But it’s not a goal.

假如你學英文的目的只是要老外能猜懂你的意思就好, 其實你不必花錢到任何地方上課. 但是如果你的目標是把英文紮實地學好, 能夠自由地運用它表達你真正的意思, 你需要 Sammy 老師.

If your goal is to be understood, you don’t need a school. If your goal is to learn English, you need Teacher Sammy.


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